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Fairfield County Services, LLC is a residential and commercial full service home improvement company. We have been helping Fairfield County residents and business owners bring their remodeling ideas to life for the past eighteen years.

Our experienced Fairfield County Services, LLC staff will assist you with material choices, color coordination and design of your ideas. We're also outstanding at creating environments that reflects the quality you desire within your budget. From preliminary sketches and plans to procuring permits and arranging for inspections, our Fairfield County Services, LLC team will take every measure to see your project through to completion.

David M. Werheim
Redding | Norwalk
Phone: 203.938.9715
Phone: 203.847.9705
Fax: 203.938.3245

Rosalie E. Bruno


I have to compliment you also on your crew. They are hard working and professional at all times. And last but not least, your work ethic is also commendable the fact that you respond quickly to all calls makes it a pleasure to work with you.

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