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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to remodel my new space?

Although it can be done in less time, Fairfield County Services, LLC believes that allowing a minimum of two to three months to plan your remodel is optimal. The important thing is to give yourself the time you need to reflect on your choices as they evolve. The process of remodeling and home improvement is exciting. Great new ideas can pop up a lot in the early stages. Allowing yourself time to explore them up front keeps you from coming home with a new magazine half-way though demolition and deciding you want a whole new look... causing you to spend more than you meant to and to live longer under construction.

How much will my remodel cost?

Every home improvement project has unique requirements, depending on how many options you ask us to develop, how many areas of your home are in the scope, how challenging your space is, how much of the legwork you do vs having us do it, how much structural planning is involved, and many other factors.

I am planning to move a wall. Don't I need to work with an architect?

Fairfield County Services, LLC works with local Fairfield County plan developers and engineers to create permit-ready, buildable remodeling plans for bump-outs, dormers, changes in bearing walls, foundation cuts, decks and small additions. For remodels requiring more extensive planning, we have a standing collaborative relationship with several local Fairfield County architects.

They say a remodel project will cost twice as much and take twice as long as you think. Is that true?

Most home improvement projects and repairs go pretty smoothly and have happy endings. In our opinion, the two biggest concerns a homeowner has, cost overruns and schedule extensions, can be managed with proper remodel pre-planning. The best way to manage your remodel is to finalize your design and all of its' details up front. Contracts can be based on specific products and firm labor bids for your scope of work, so you know your costs up front. At Fairfield County Services, we minimize scheduling surprises by ordering your remodel materials at the start of your job and holding them until needed..

I am interviewing several other Fairfield County contractors. What makes you different?

Fairfield County Services, LLC is thorough and systematic. We have established methods for every step of your of your remodel project. We put a priority on keeping up with the latest product and "best practice" wisdom in construction and installation. We are a local Fairfield County team, with members available to work together on your project. You can look forward to a smoother experience from start to finish. In addition, Fairfield County Services, LLC is equipped to handle the special project timeframes required for disaster restoration planning and home buyers who want to remodel at move in.

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Our relationship with Fairfield County Services, LLC started with a referral from a friend since then we have referred many people to Fairfield County Services, LLC as well as continually using them ourselves.

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